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Aug 29, 2022

Resolve Verizon Email Is Not Working Issues Effortlessly

These days, numerous people use Verizon for emailing and its security features. what to do if - verizon email not working? If this is happening then you should go ahead and read the solutions and tips to get rid of this issue in a detailed manner.  

Why is Verizon email not working?

Is your Verizon email not working properly? Are you fed up with this sort of glitch? Well that’s a common issue that happens with most of the users of Verizon. But, you need to know how to fix this issue with Verizon email with ease. Here are some of the reasons why your Verizon email doesn’t work along with its solutions.

Check if you’ve entered the wrong Verizon Email Password

If you are surrounded by Verizon email not working, then you must check the login credentials. All you are supposed to do is to check out if you have filled in the correct details or not. If you have entered the incorrect password, you won’t be able to log in to your Verizon email login account. This could be a reason why your Verizon email account is not working. Another issue could be the password. Reset your password by applying the steps that are explained below:

  • Verizon has been moved to AOL, so you need to go to aol.com to reset the password.
  • Now, enter the Verizon username, and then you should press the next button.
  • In the next step, you must click on ‘Forgot password and then follow the prompts to reset the password of your Verizon email account.
  • After this, enter your recovery information such as an alternate email address or phone number.
  • With this, you’ll get a verification code or temporary password in order to log into your account.

Check for the internet connection

Next, you should check is whether your device is connected to a robust internet connection or not. The ultimate reason which might cause Verizon email problems could be a bad internet connection. You are needed to check out whether your device is connected to the internet or not. There should be a strong internet connection to use the Verizon account. Therefore, restart the device and connect to the internet again or simply find a connection that is strong in order to proceed further. Try to switch to a better internet connection.

Check if Verizon’s Email is down today

The server related problems can also be a cause for this. The users of Verizon keep on asking whether Verizon email is down today or not. If the email is down then you won’t be able to sign in to your Verizon account. Some third parties apps will let you know about this issue. Also, Verizon email posts about the server down issue on their official website or official social media platforms to make the users know about this. This is a temporary issue that can happen anytime and resolve by itself. So, you don’t have to be stressed about it.

Check for the add-ons and other security programs

If you have already installed third party apps, security programs, antivirus or firewall then you might face problems in accessing the Verizon email account. If you have add-ons installed on your device, this might create severe obstacles in the process of sending and receiving emails. This mainly happens because of any issues in the Verizon email settings.

Want to fix this issue? If yes then you can temporarily disable the antivirus as well as the add-ons. After doing this, you can check if it is fixing the error.

Check if your browser is full

Is Verizon email not working? When the web browser is full, you might get errors in signing to the Verizon email account. In case the Verizon email is not working on your web, then there are possibilities that it is having a cache, cookies, and browsing history. If you are witnessing any Verizon email issues, then all you need to do is to check out your browser. Look if it is full of junk or not. If this is true then all that you need is to clear the browsing history to get rid of this error. One thing to consider is that whenever you witness any problems associated with Verizon email, you are supposed to apply this solution.

Clearing the web browser for Google Chrome:

  • First of all, Verizon users must go to history and then clear browsing data and then clear data
  • After this, you can simply use the shortcuts keys such as Ctrl+Shift +Delete to clear the web browser

Check if there’s an incorrect Verizon email setting

One of the main reasons because of why you face the issue of Verizon email is the incorrect email setting. In case you’ve tried all the above solutions and anything didn’t work, you might have to make certain changes in the Verizon email settings.

If you have set up your Verizon email account on Outlook, make sure to enter the correct Verizon email settings. These settings include IMAP, POP, or SMTP.

How to fix the Verizon email not working issue?

Imagine you’re trying to open your Verizon account but couldn’t do so. Has this ever happened to you? At times, users face problems accessing their Verizon email accounts. As discussed, there are various reasons that can give rise to this sort of error.

How to fix this issue with Verizon? If you are also looking for solutions then have a look at these simple solutions. Before seeking the help of the official Verizon service, you can try out these solutions:

Try disabling the antivirus or firewall

If there are firewalls or antivirus then this will sometimes cause an issue. People often install antivirus or firewalls on devices to protect them against online threats, hacks, and viruses. But, at times, an active and enabled Firewall or antivirus could be a reasonable threat that you are unable to access the Verizon email services. So, if your Verizon email is not working, try to disable the antivirus or firewall on your device. After doing this, you need to check if the issues have been resolved or not. If you are still having the problem, you can go to the next solution to get this issue to be fixed.

Optimize the web browser

One of the best ways that one can try is browser optimization. How to do this? A browser requires regular optimization for ensuring smooth functioning. Optimization of web browser means clearing the browsing history, cache memory, cookies, or whatever junk files it has. Do this regularly to avoid email related errors. If your web browser is full of files, you cannot access the email.

For this, all that a user is needed to do is to clear the history and browsing data from the web browser. Make sure to sign in to the Verizon email account again and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Make sure to reset the password

Are you unable to access the Verizon email? When this error happens, you should first reset your password to get rid of this. even if you are entering the right password and you are getting an error then try to rest it. This can happen if someone has hacked and changed the password. For security reasons, it is advised to reset the password of your Verizon email. Have you forgotten the password of your Verizon account? If yes then following these steps can help you.

  • Log in to the email to reset the Verizon email password
  • First of all, type your Verizon email username.
  • In the next step, you just need to click on the “next” button.
  • After this, you have to click on the option “forgot password”.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions and reset the password.

You should check Verizon email settings

Setting up Verizon account on any other email can be beneficial for the users. This is because Verizon no longer provides its email services. When the users want to access the Verizon email on any other server, they will have to do this by setting the Verizon Email. One thing to consider is that server settings are responsible for sending and receiving emails through the third-party service provider.

In case, you want to access your Verizon email account through other email services such as AOL, or Outlook, you will have to change the email setting. For this, you must configure the settings manually using the supported Verizon email information.

Is Verizon having trouble with emails?

Is Verizon email not working? Whenever users are not able to sign in to their Verizon account or face errors in opening the email, they ask if there’s any trouble with it. Well, this is a frequently occurring issue that can be solved instantly. Sometimes, this error can also be resolved on own if it’s a server related issue.

Verizon net email not working on Android

To fix Verizon email not working properly on any of the Android devices, you are expected to apply a few basic and important steps that are explained below.

  • First of all, make sure that your device is properly updated to the latest version
  • After this, you can also run a scan on your system and then check out if there are malware or virus attack
  • Now, in case you find that there is no space on your device, make sure that you do create some space by clearing the web browser first
  • You can also change to Google DNS

Verizon net email not working on IPhone

Users get stuck when Verizon doesn’t work on iPhone. Verizon e-mail sometimes stops working on this device because of an enabled firewall or antivirus. So if the email isn’t working, ensure to disable the firewall or antivirus on your iPhone. Along with this, it is crucial to ensure your data connection is strong, stable, and running.

Using Verizon email on your regular browser is an easy way to access the account. Still, while configuring Verizon email on the iPhone, there are times when users get stranded. One needs to understand that there should be proper configuration of the email settings.

To configure your Verizon email, you need to follow all these steps related to IMAP and pop settings.

  • Verizon IMAP Settings should include server: imap.aol.com
  • The server port: 993
  • Encryption should be kept at SSL
  • Verizon Pop 3 Settings

Set up Verizon E-mail on iPhone

Don’t know how to set up the email on iphone? Once you have the proper settings, you can follow the below-listed steps to set up a Verizon email on your iPhone quickly. Just follow these steps solutions:

  • First of all, you need to go to the iPhone device, open the “Settings” menu.
  • Then open your email and click on “E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar.”
  • In this step, select the “Account” option and click on “Add Account.”
  • Select “Others” from the email services provided.
  • On the next screen, click on “Add Account,”
  • You need to provide details on your name, email address, password, and description.
  • In the details, you are needed to provide details the same as registered on your Verizon account.
  • Select “Next” and then select “Pop” for the type of email to come up.
  • Navigate to the “Incoming Mail Server” option
  • In the next step, you need to select Pop 3, and provide details on the hostname, your username, and password.
  • Under the “Outgoing Mail Server,” type in the hostname, username, password and click “Next.”
  • Go to your email, check it properly, and click “Save.” To confirm if the settings you just made are accurate and correct
  • In the next step, click on “Advanced” and check if this information is available in the “Incoming Server” menu.
  • Go to the previous screen, open the “Outgoing Server” by clicking on outgoing.verizon.net and check if the information remains the same.
  • Click “Done”
  • In the final step, restart your iPhone to enable the configuration of Verizon email on your device.

How to get my Verizon phone unlocked?

Are you having Verizon phone and are looking to unlock it? You can do this by following a few steps. In the process, you need to activate your Verizon device, pay your phone bills, and remain in good standing for 60 days. Once these 60 days elapses, Verizon will automatically unlock your device. So, you just have to wait for the 60 days. If you still have your locked, you can also contact official Verizon customer support to help you unlock the device.

Verizon email not working in outlook

If your Verizon email is not working in Outlook then you should set up the SMTP setting:

Setting Up Verizon SMTP Settings in Outlook

Step 1: Users just need to launch the Outlook mail app on your computer. Then, go to File and then Info. After this, click on the “Add Account”.

Step 2: Make sure to enter in your Verizon Email address, enter your password, and click Connect.

Step 3: After doing this, navigate to File and then Info and click on the Manage Profiles. Once the connection between your Verizon Email account and Outlook has been established, you can do this. Finally, click on your Verizon account.

Step 4 Enter in the outgoing mail server name:

Step 5 In this step, you need to go to More Settings and then advanced option to check if the port number for the outgoing mail server is correct

Step 6 After this, you just need to click OK and then “Next” type in your Verizon password, and click OK. In the next step, outlook will now send a test email from the Verizon Email account.


How do I find my Verizon email password?

To get your Verizon password, you need to navigate to the https://signin.verizon.com/sso/forgotflows. Once you reach there, type in your Verizon account username and billing zipcode, then click the red Continue button.

How to access my old Verizon email account?

If you want to make use of a web browser to check your email, then you’ll have to visit mail.aol.com and then log in using your verizon.net email address and the password. Here, you will find that emails and contacts that were in your old Verizon webmail and now in your new AOL webmail.




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