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Nov 02, 2021

Why is my Cash App Payment Pending? Quick Solution

With 30 million monthly active users, the Cash app has become the leading mobile payment service provider. It allows users to effectively send money to one another through mobile phones. In less time, the cash app has become an essential mode to transfer money or make instant payments. There are times when the payment delays and reflected in the pending section. Why is my Cash App Payment Pending? If you are wondering the same, here is what you need to know-

What does it mean when the cash app says pending?

There are times, when your Cash App payment might be pending because of the declined transactions. If the payment hasn’t been fully processed, you’ll get to see pending issues. The online payment will hold funds in certain cases when the cash app senses fraudulent transactions. Cash App might be pending your money when it feels that the account is compromised.

Reasons why your Payment is pending on Cash App

There are many reasons for the pending status that occur on Cash App payments. This is a common scenario when users face problems in money transactions. However, here are some of the reasons for which you see pending status while you are trying to transfer money to another user.

  • If there’s poor internet or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • When there is a server issue from the end of the bank.
  • When you use an expired debit or credit card for making transactions, this pending issue might occur.
  • Lack of balance in the account also shows the issue of pending options.
  • If you are using an outdated Cash App application, the cash app declines the payment
  • The pending transaction issue can also be a result of a virus in the device
  • If the recipient is outside of the USA or UK, the transaction will not go successful and reflected in the pending section.

How do I Accept Pending Payments on Cash App?

For accepting payment, you need to go to the "Activity" tab by clicking on the clock icon. This icon is present in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now, go to the "Pending" tab from the top of the screen where you'll see any requests that others haven't completed. Here, you will see pending payments with a green "Accept" button.

How long does a Pending Payment take on Cash App?

Why is my Cash App Payment Pending? How long pending payment does take? Cash app pending payment usually takes from a few minutes to several days to complete. There is no fixed time frame that pending payment requires to complete. If it’s a pending direct deposit, this may take between 4-5 working days. In the case pending has happened because of any lighter reason, it usually takes just a few minutes to an hour.

But, one thing to consider is that this duration depends on numerous factors. You can contact Cash App support in case you don’t have any idea about pending payment cancellation or confirmation.

Can you cancel a Pending transaction on Cash App?

For pending payment transaction cancellation, you need to follow these quick instructions-

  • First of all, make sure to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and then launch the Cash App.
  • On the cash app home screen, you need to locate and then tap on the Activity tab,
  • This will allow you to view all of the Cash App transactions that you’ve made.
  • Once you reach the Activity tab, you just need to locate the payment that you are looking to cancel.
  • After identifying the payment that you want to cancel, you just need to tap on the payment
  • You’ll get a menu with the payment details that you’ll see.
  • After this, make sure to click on the "..." icon. that is located in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Here, select the option of "Cancel a Payment" and then press "OK" to cancel the transaction.

How do I fix pending on the Cash App?

Pending payment can happen to you because of many reasons. If a Cash App payment indicates “Pending” status in your feed, this means your money is stuck somewhere. Money is between your account and the account that you’re trying to send it to. For first-time users, it is important to manually accept the payments that are present under the “Pending” tab.


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